Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tweet Cops

The police are investigating more tweet crimes, including those of a blogger and those of a former youth crime commissioner. Tweet crimes are like normal crimes except they occur on Twitter, don't cause any harm to anyone and the police don't need to get off their arses to investigate them.

The commissioner is Paris Brown who wrote some tweets that "could be considered offensive" when she was 14 or so. One would have thought if there were likely to be incite crime then that would be evident in the years since she wrote them. The blogger is "Old Holborn" who was trolling Liverpudlians with comments about the Hillsborough disaster. They took it very badly- no one thought to tell them to "calm down, calm down!". However no one was harmed by his tweets.

The police have no business regulating petty insults and drunken boasts and it is worrying that they are unable to realise this.


Edward Spalton said...

The police are regularly abusing their powers.
The "process is the punishment" so
street preachers and others are arrested, processed and frequently released without charge. It happened to a friend of mine who is a highly respectable member of the Countryside Alliance. The whole process of arrest, DNA swabbing, removal of shoelaces and 9 hours in a urine-stinking cell with only the Daily Mirror to read was not pleasant.
I imagine that Old Holborn will be made to jump through all sorts of hoops to get reconnected.

When my business was being persecuted under bogus environmental complaints, I asked one official why he was being so obnoxious -" Because I can" was the reply and I suspect that the same attitude permeates all officialdom today

JuliaM said...

See Boston for where 'policecabusing their powers' can lead...

staybryte said...

The Paris Brown case isn't just worrying it's horrifying. I mean, Special Branch?

Ross said...

Starbryte- yes. I mean if writing stupid things on Twitter requires special branch what does organised crime require?

Ross said...

ES- Were you able to make a complaint about the behaviour of the "because I can" official?