Thursday, December 18, 2014

Who Believes This Crap?

Perhaps we should get Sabrina Rubin Erdely to investigate these claims:

Detectives are investigating three alleged murders as part of an inquiry into historical child abuse, the Met Police has said.
Officers made a public appeal for information relating to Dolphin Square estate in Pimlico, south-west London.
Deputy Assistant Commissioner Steve Rodhouse said no confirmed identities or bodies of victims had been found.

I will actually astonished if this doesn't turn out to be another baseless scare story like the satanic abuse mania in the 1980s or the campus rape obsession that's sweeping across the USA at the moment.


James Higham said...

Hi Ross, O/T but have a Merry Christmas.

Ross said...

Thank you James, I hope you had a good one too.