Thursday, October 04, 2007

Is That A Hosepipe In Your Hands Or Are You Just Pleased To See Me?

So a gay foursome is occuring in the bushes when some firemen turn up.... no this isn't my attempt at erotic literature for the gay market I'm writing about this strange story.
FOUR firemen have been carpeted after disturbing an outdoor gay sex romp.

The crew drove their fire engine to a common notorious for gay lovers and dogging.

They shone their torches from the machine into bushes — and interrupted four men involved in a sex act.

I'm not entirely sure that the newspapers are reporting this story accurately, as it does seem possible that the fire fighters were messing around and trying to embarrass the cottagers for a laugh, although interrupting an illegal activity does not seem to be the worst crime in the world. I've got sympathy for firemen though, I mean here they're being disciplined for intruding on a gay gathering whereas here they're disciplined for not doing so! They can't win.

What I don't understand is the next bit of the story:
One of the group later contacted the Terrence Higgins HIV and Aids charity, which backed a formal complaint against the Avon Fire Brigade in Bristol.
Why would someone contact an HIV charity about having their gay orgy with strangers interrupted? Isn't that like contacting a lung cancer charity to complain that a policeman told you to put your cigarette out?


Anonymous said...

Love the comments. I couldn't stop laughing when I heard the story, but feel I should point out that gay sex in a park does not have to be unsafe sex (from the disease point of view).

Ross said...

That's a fair point.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Great story.