Monday, October 08, 2007

Same As The Old Boss.

A lot of the talk in the comment sections of various political blogs about the Broon election fiasco has been that it was a blunder that Blair* would not have made. I don't agree, Blair was every bit as cynical and contemptuous of the constitutional process as Brown, however if Blair had done it then it would have been a story for around a week before being forgotten. This is because unlike Gordon Brown, Tony Blair never had an image as being anything other than a lightweight opportunist, in fact it was part of his appeal because it meant that large parts of the electorate believed that he would be pragmatic rather than dogmatic. Brown has for the last four months been portraying himself as someone who was above the stunts and the spin of the Blair years, as a serious man for serious times. Being caught out spinning shatters the Brown public persona whereas when Blair was caught out throughout his tenure in office it simply reinforced his image.

* Blair, Tony Blair come on you remember him don't you? He used to be Prime Minister back in the beforetime.

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