Monday, October 08, 2007

The VRWC Strikes Back.

Whilst I am happier with the Conservative Party then previously, some of their MPs are still loonies. Take Simon Burns MP (please!), in an article on why British Conservatives should welcome Hillary Clinton as president, obviously any British government should have a courteous relationship with any American one but Burns goes well beyond that statement of the obvious:
This sensible approach to protecting the special relationship will raise hackles with some traditional Conservatives, especially the concept of smoozying up to Hillary Clinton. Sadly the reaction will be based on ignorance. It will be influenced by the pernicious drip drip drip effect of what has been a right wing conspiracy against both Clintons and a lack of understanding of what makes Hillary tick
Uh huh, I thought that belief in the 'Vast Right Wing Conspiracy' had gone the way of crop circles and reptilian humanoids, but it is apparently alive and kicking. Personally I'm not sure to make of Hillary Clinton, her husband was a poor president who squandered the post Cold War dividend, but didn't stand in the way of Republican achievements such as welfare reform and NAFTA, but that doesn't say much about Mrs Clinton. When Tory MPs can outflank the Daily Kos and on the left then what is there to say? Peter Cuthbertson rebuts Burns on the same site in detail.

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