Friday, October 12, 2007

Welsh NUT.

Teaching Unions are an endless source of mirth/horror, take the reaction of the Welsh NUT to the restrictions placed by a judge on the distribution of Al Gore's misleading documentary:

NUT Cymru campaigns officer Rhys Williams said he was “outraged”
Are they ever not outraged?

... "outraged" by the judge’s ruling which appeared to imply teachers would not support the film with debate.

He said it was inappropriate for a judge to dictate how films or other creative work was taught in schools and that all literature from Shakespeare to Doris Lessing was political.

In other words if teachers like him want to use English lessons and science lessons to propagandise to the children in their care then no one has a right to stop them. Any if all creative work (and at least he admits that it is a creative work) is political then surely it must be within the remit of the judiciary to scrutinise it

“This response from the High Court in London is outrageous. It is scary.

It’s like the thought police. It’s 1984 arriving in 2007,” he said. “It’s a slap in the face to teachers to suggest they are incapable of chairing a mature discussion to go with showing this film
If you start screaming 'thought police' over something as minor as this then it is pretty safe to say that you are incapable of chairing a mature discussion about anything. In fact the NUT's enthusiasm for indoctrinating kids is rather at odds with what they were complaining about during their conference when they were denouncing the teaching of Britishness, the motives for the differing reactions to each form of politicised education are fairly transparent.

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