Monday, January 12, 2009

Chavs Abroad?

Who says Santa Claus is the only one trying to come down your chimney during the festive season? According to Greek mythology, a gaggle of goblin-like spirits are trying to slide into homes -- and instead of presents they are intent on leaving a trail of destruction.

Isn't it great that in Greece this is the stuff of legend, rather than page two of the local newspaper? The article doesn't say whether this myth is ancient or whether it began at about the same time as package holidays from Britain:
"The Kallikantzaroi cause mischief, they intimidate people, urinate in flowerbeds, spoil food, tip things over and break furniture," Tomkinson said. Opinions differ on what they look like, both because of active imaginations and Greece's once-isolated regions, separated by the Hellenic nation's many mountains and vast seas. As a result, some say the Kallikantzaroi resemble humans with dark complexions, ugly, very tall beings that sport iron clogs. Others say they're short and swarthy, with red eyes, cleft hooves, monkeys' arms, and hair-covered bodies.
How do the Greeks deal with these chavs?
Greek families are keen to ward off the gaggles of goblin louts. Some use the legendary precaution of a black-handled knife.
I prefer the legendary precaution of a large metal torch but whatever.


Dungeekin said...

Ah, the virtues of the 6-cell Maglite.

One of those is within reach at my place as well - you know, just in case the *ahem* power should go out, Officer.


Ross said...

I wonder if anyone buys Maglite's just for their lighting qualities.

JuliaM said...

I thought this was going to be a post on the P&O 'chav cruise'..! ;)