Friday, January 30, 2009

Just Defect Already.

Does anyone really doubt that if it weren't for Labour's catastrophic poll rating that John Bercow wouldn't have jumped ship already?

If not have a look at his latest offering, which is titled:
Where is the Tory Harriet Harman?
Presumably in a pot in central office, being watered twice a day. It's a call for designated victim groups to be handed Conservative constituencies, regardless of whether they want it or not. Fine, but they should start with Buckingham. To highlight the problem of 'under representation he writes:
This is illustrated by the fact that in the 39 seats with a notional Conservative majority where the sitting member is retiring or boundary changes create a new Conservative seat, only 14 successors are women and 3 are from the ethnic minorities.
Huh? So 1 in 13 candidates in the most winnable seats is an ethnic minority, I'm sure he thinks that is shocking but the proportion of 'BMEs' in the population is only around 1 in 12 or 1 in 11. This is before you even make any adjustments for age.


JuliaM said...

"Presumably in a pot in central office, being watered twice a day."


Umbongo said...

I presume the local Conservative Party in Buckingham will shortly be seeking a merger with the local Labour Party thus following the example of their MP. Since, in effect, Buckingham has a Labour MP (albeit one sitting on the wrong side of the Commons chamber) a merger between the local Conservative and Labour parties in Buckingham could actually be a plus for local Conservatives. They would no longer have to pretend that Bercow is a Conservative and they could happily continue to support him. After all, there is little indication that the local "Conservatives" are restless concerning Bercow. They would certainly feel more comfortable when they have rid themselves of their collective cognitive dissonance by having Bercow sit as a genuine Labour MP rather than a Conservative in name only.

Actually it would make more sense to sling out Bercow altogether and put in his wife (Sally Illman) instead. That way they get the organ grinder rather than the monkey.

Ross said...

Umbongo, your link doesn't work.

Umbongo said...


I think it was this one.