Saturday, January 17, 2009

Third Runway Problem Solved.

Two of the big stories this week have been the proposed third runway at Heathrow and the incredible emergency landing of a stricken jet on the Hudson river in New York.

We need more landing space for travellers to London but we don't want extra noise and pollution over West London, so why not simply have planes land in the North Sea? It's such a brilliant idea that I just can't see the downside. Ok taking off will be difficult.

Update: Umbomgo in the comments points out that Howard Hughes had this idea 60 years ago. If that isn't a good enough recommendation then I don't know what is.


JuliaM said...

We could have them towed by dolphins until they get up to flight speed! It's green power!


Mark Wadsworth said...

Brilliant idea - it just needs one tweak - we could manage perfectly well if we used seaplanes - they could land right on The Thames!

Landing and taking off in rough weather would be pretty white-knuckle stuff, but hey.

Umbongo said...

Maybe Howard Hughes had the right idea after all.

TDK said...

Before WWII most long haul passenger flights were on board seaplanes