Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fifth Runaway Problem Solved

The police have recaptured the criminal who escaped last week. You know the one from the family with a habit of conducting escapes.

This whole episodes demonstrates several things:
  • The authorities are incapable of noticing patterns, like the fact that whenever a member of a certain family is locked up they make an escape attempt. Is this out of a fear of stereotyping or does no one cross reference information about suspects?
  • Criminals are stupid, given that the runaway's brother was recaptured after just a few days, the suspect had enough information to realise that he would almost certainly be caught and will now receive a sentence that is far in excess of the relatively short stretch that he was originally due to serve. He was recaptured near Sherwood Forest apparently, which seems like a bit of an obvious place for an outlaw.


Mark Wadsworth said...
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Mark Wadsworth said...

Nice switch between Third Runway and Fifth Runaway.

I was laughing so hard I messed up my first comment.

Ross said...

Thanks, my next post should really be "Fay Dunaway Problem Solved".