Friday, January 09, 2009

Guns Don't Kill People.....

A convicted Colombian drug baron with links to two major smuggling cartels was shot dead in a Madrid hospital Thursday, officials said.

Leonidas Vargas, who was convicted of drug trafficking, was murdered in a hospital bed where he was being treated for lung disease, a police spokesman said.

Police and hospital officials said at least one person entered the 60-year-old's room at Doce de Octubre hospital and fired four shots.

'At least one person'. So they've ruled out the possibility that gun smuggled itself in and shot the man.


Rob Farrington said...

Yes, but that person was dragged against his will into the room when he desperately grabbed the Evil Gun, and then tried to prevent it from floating along the corridor under its own volition, realising that it posed a threat to all and sundry.

That man at least deserves a medal for at least attempting to preserve public safety.

Rob Farrington said...

Sorry for the redundant "at least"; it's late and I'm out of caffeine!

Letters From A Tory said...

Perhaps he had an epiphany and realised all the wrong that he'd done as a drug dealer and took his own life?

Ok, maybe not.

North Northwester said...

" So they've ruled out the possibility that gun smuggled itself in and shot the man."

They're missing the uncanny abilities, which must include telekinesis, of 'the all-powerful gun lobby.'

Careless, that...

Mark Wadsworth said...

I can picture it vividly:

Surgeon to grieving widow "I am afraid he died suddenly of an acute lung disease"

Widow [sobbing] "Was it cancer?"

Surgeon "Funnily enough no, it was lead poisoning"