Sunday, January 18, 2009

Morph Versus Rumpole.

Tony Hart and John Mortimer have both died in recent days. Their most famous creations were Morph and Rumpole respectively, but which is better, Morph or Rumpole. There's only one way to find out, fiiight..... er poll.

Who is better, Morph or Rumpole?
Rumpole of course, his legal brilliance and wit were employed to defend the rights of the underdog.
Morph, he's made of plasticine and is very bendy.
They are both as good as each other.
They are both rubbish. free polls


Blognor Regis said...

Morph isn't dead. He's going to become US Pres tomorrow. Infinitely flexible he is. (Or at least he'll be whatever you want him to be.)

TDK said...

As a fan of Rumpole I have to say his skill doesn't rest on legal brilliance. He wins because his opponents underestimate him and he has a dogged persistence.

In one case he is employed by an African opposition leader accused of some crime. Rumpole discovers he was with a woman at the critical time albeit of the wrong tribe. Being found guilty was expected of the corrupt system would enhance his prestige. Breaking tribal loyalty would destroy him. Thus it transpires that he was initially picked precisely because he was expected to lose. That story captures the Rumpole genre.

Having said that there are many annoying ticks about Mortimer, which get worse as the series goes on.

Left wingers are regarded as being outsiders whereas my every contact with the legal profession tells me that is false.

Mortimer divides the world into good and bad criminals. The Timpsons are regarded as comparatively virtuous even though they are a family of petty thieves.