Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Derek Hatton Is Still Alive!

I would advise against getting worked up about the rantings of 80s throwback Derek "Deggsy" Hatton about Lady Thatcher:

He told the Cyprus Mail: "The worst thing that happened was Thatcher's mother didn't get an abortion," adding: "You can quote me on that word for word, in fact I would like that."

She swatted aside his fantasies of turning Liverpool into some kind of People's Republic so he is understandably bitter. Besides which it would seem churlish for a Thatcher supporter to be angered by the man who did so much to ensure that she remained in power, by making Labour about as appealing to prospective voters as the Gary Glitter School for Girls is to prospective parents.

The only reason for even mentioning the story is to have a look at what the great socialist revolutionary is now doing to fight capitalism:

Mr Hatton was expelled from the Labour Party by Neil Kinnock in 1986 for being part of the hard-left Militant Tendency. He is now a property developer in Cyprus.

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Fidothedog said...

So by that statement he would not mind if I said that it was a bad idea that his mother did not have an abortion.