Monday, February 02, 2009

Brrrr It's Cold.

South-east England has the worst snow it has seen for 18 years, causing all London buses to be pulled from service and the closure of Heathrow's runways.
Nonsense this is the best snow in 18 years. The worst snow would be last year where there was a thin layer of white stuff that dissolved into sludge by late morning.

Obviously I wouldn't want it everyday but who doesn't enjoy the occasional blizzard?

Update: I don't like the snow any more, because I've just slipped and fallen on an icy patch. Bring on global warming. What sort of idiot enjoys a blizzard anyway?


Mark said...

Agree absolutely.
In London it's the heaviest since PIRA mortar bombed the Major cabinet; the snow was just beginning to settle as the mortars were launched, as can be seen from the old TV footage.
If the guys on the Killingholme picket line had access to this sort of firepower some would probably like to take a potshot at no 10 again- or alternatively send something nasty in the direction of Lord Mandelson's bijou W London residence.And the cheers wouldn't be from such a small minority as they were 18years ago.

Sue said...

I wouldn't mind seeing some snow. It's warm here today, again!

Letters From A Tory said...

You seem a bit fickle on this particular issue!


Ross said...

Very true, in fact I'm back to liking snow again.