Saturday, February 07, 2009

Putin Still Gay.

I pointed this out months ago, to the chagrin of some*, but now the Sun have also noticed that Vladimir Putin is gayer than Liberace ice skating to Village People in a tutu.

* I quote- "A couple of months ago, the individual who blogs at 'Unenlightened Commentary' wrote what I think was meant to be a satirical piece concerning Vladimir Putin's sexuality.". Nope not satire, just a response to the ever more ludicrous propaganda emanating from the Kremlin, shooting a tiger for fuck's sake!


Anonymous said...

Instead of Eurasian mercantilism and Anglo Saxon turbocapitalism contesting the economic arena in the twenty first century, perhaps Putin and Mandelson could get in the ring, strip to the waist, and slug it out with each other ?
I've a nasty feeling that the results of either contest won't be to 'the West's' advantage.

Anonymous said...

Whether or not it would work or not it would be the greatest reality television ever.

Sue said...

I can imagine him breaking out into YMCA, yes...I can!

Mark Wadsworth said...

In one of the papers I read, apparently he got up on stage with bow tie and tails and joined in the act.