Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Is Putin Gay?

I saw Vladimir Putin on the ITV news grappling with a fit young man supposedly practiscing Judo. This is the latest in a long line of publicity stunts by the Russian dictator that seek to make him appear more manly.
  • Shooting a tiger, with a TV crew coincidentally on hand to capture the moment.
  • Being photographed strolling around bare chested on holiday.
  • Having rumours spread that he is going out with a much younger woman.
I can think of two possible reasons for this, as a short, slightly built, middle aged man who has only ever worked as a bureaucrat he is desperate to appear more like action man or secondly he is in the closet. When you combine the rather desperate attempts to be more masculine with other aspects of his life, such as:
  • his membership of the KGB (MI-6 famously attracted a lot of homosexuals so I'd guess the same dynamic is true for the KGB).
  • Surrounding himself with young male advisers, including the Ken doll lookalike who succeeded him as president.
  • Holidaying with Prince Albert of Monaco, who is widely rumoured to be gay.
I'm not saying he definitely is gay and it doesn't bother me if he is, although being a mass murdering dictator does bother me, but it explains a lot. It might also be why he doesn't want a free press to operate in Russia.

Update : In the comments Alison points to Vladimir's rather flamboyant aesthetic tastes. It's very Elton John like.


Anonymous said...

Yes. Gayizzimo gaylordizski. (Russian for really really gay)

Anonymous said...
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Mark Wadsworth said...

I'd never thought about it. Looking at that photo, you're probably right. Who goes fishing barechested, FFS? What's the point of fishing if it isn't drizzling gently?

What we need is somebody with gaydar to call it one way or another.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Ask Iain Dale.

Ross said...

"Who goes fishing barechested, FFS?"

Especially whilst on holiday In Siberia!

Anonymous said...

Tiger cubs and judo outfits.

So gay.

I live in London my gaydar is finely honed.

Next week he will pose inside a birdcage with a feather boa and a long sword (and tickets to G.A.Y) I promise.

bernard said...

Does anybody remember about a year or so ago, Putin suddenly lifted up a young boys' jumper and kissed him on the belly? Very odd. It caused some comment at the time.

Anonymous said...

Does Putin put in the wrong hole? No!

Gay no. Goy yes.

Ross said...

Bernard, soory for taking so long to respond but I've only just discovered your comment. When I googled "Putin" & "Gay" I did see references to the story you are referring to.

Anonymous said...

I'm convinced he is gay, I seem to have a gift for reading people and i am right most of the time despite no obvious signs.

I just know things.
Bush no.
Obama no.
Blair no.
Brown no.

putin, yes.

Anonymous said...

Most of these guys are bisexual - like the Bonobo Chimp.

(Reportedly famous Bisexuals - Alexander the Great, Baden-Powell, Beethoven, Julius Caesar, John Calvin, Casanova, Winston Churchill, Charles Dickens, Elvis, Ian Fleming, William Golding, Graham Greene, Cary Grant, Hemingway, Hitler, etc etc etc)

- Aangirfan

peppermeek said...

you should see the picture of him kissing a random boy's stomach and calling him a kitten.
but i think that's a Russian thing after I watched how he kissed his stomach.

Anonymous said...

My Mom thinks he's gay because..."me thinks he doth protest too much"

Paul Roth said...

I really feel, in my heart, that he is.
You know - been there, done that. I
cannot deny feelings, and my heart is rarely wrong when I see myself in others.