Monday, October 06, 2008

Sorry Mrs Blakelock, Your Husband Has Been Attending An Uprising.

Marc Wadsworth writes at Comment is Free about some fringe political movement he was involved with in the 1980s:
None of the movement's achievements would have been possible without protest and agitation. The uprisings that occurred in the early 1980s in Brixton, Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool and elsewhere acted as a wake-up call to a society that was either indifferent or hostile to the demands of disenfranchised and disadvantaged black people.
"Uprisings", nice!

I must remember that word the next time I want to excuse racially inspired violence.

Update: Wadsworth also says:
Furthermore, racial inequality in education, employment and the justice system still exists.
This is very true, the hindu, chinese & sikh cimmunities are all far less likely to unqualified, unemployed or in prison. Go and let Wadsworth know what you think about him.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Cool. That might generate some inadvertent visits to my 'blog.

Ross said...

I thought you'd like that.