Monday, October 27, 2008

Polling Paranoia

Gary Younge goes race baiting. He's peddling conspiracy theories about black voters being denied the right to cast a ballot in the USA. He cites this statistic as evidence:
A recent CNN poll showed that 42% of voters are not confident their vote will be accurately cast and counted - almost three times the figure four years ago.
Really so after four years of fearmongering by the left people are more worried about an issue, who could have predicted that! He dismisses Republican fears of vote fraud by Democratic organisations like ACORN on the grounds that:
fraud is a serious issue. The trouble is it barely exists. In the six years since the Bush administration has made it a priority, barely 100 people have been convicted and fewer than 200 have been charged.
So if the small number of convictions is proof that no wrongdoing has taken place, then how many convictions have there been for voter suppression, which he does claim is taking place? He doesn't say.

This conspiracy theorising is in one sense comical, but partisan efforts to destroy confidence in democracy when your side loses is a potentially dangerous game to play.


Letters From A Tory said...

Paranoia does no-one any favours, but with the enormous increase in postal votes I'm sure someone will be caught in a comprising position (metaphorically speaking).

Ross said...

There might be some wrong doing at the margins, but the idea that that Younge promotes of a systematic conspiracy to disenfranchise blacks is nonsense.