Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I've just looked this blog up on the Wikio rankings and this is supposedly the 74th most influential blog in the country!

Of course it isn't really, as the list has several notable omissions, such as any of the Times or Spectator bloggers and no doubt many others that i have not yet spotted aren't included either. Even so I'm pleased with 74th place because the last time I looked myself up on Wikio I was somewhere between 200 and 300 and I'm sure I will sink back to the depths of obscurity soon enough.

Update: So how do I install this badge in my sidebar?:

Wikio - Top Blogs - Politics


Mark Wadsworth said...

Well done! I updated my ranking and I've moved from 260 or so up to 89.

Ross said...

I can't seem to find the rankings below 100 any more. I know they used to be available there.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Click here.

Ross said...

Yes, I've done that bit and copied all the HTML down, that's why the badge appears in the actual post.

It's inserting into the sidebar that I'm having trouble with. When I go to the layout page and puse the "Add a gadget" device there doesn't appear to be an obvious tool for simply adding a badge.

I tried pasting the HTML in directly but that didn't work either.

Ross said...

Oh never mind, I missed the "Add HTML" gadget.

JuliaM said...

Ooh, well done!

Next year, 42. A much more iconic number to aim for... ;)

JuliaM said...

Blogs 1-200 seem to be here, by the way:


Dan Levy said...

Hi Ross,

Congrats on your rise to prominence... or at least your rise up the rankings. I think you're doing yourself down a little but such is the British blogger's way.

Anyway, I don't agree with regards to The Times and Spectator blogs... firstly, they are very well known... that does not make them the most influential.

Secondly, we don't measure influence, we measure backinks, as you probably know. The blogs on the big papers and the like often change author, usually a celeb or well-known scenester and thus URL or feed address, and this is not conducive to success in our rankings as we look at backlinks for a given blog over the previous 9 months.

Anyway, congrats to you once again.


Wikio UK

Dan Levy said...

oh and juliam, that Top 200 is for the overall, General rankings.

Ross said...

"think you're doing yourself down a little but such is the British blogger's way."

I'm getting my excuses in early. Thanks for the explanation of how it works.

"Next year, 42. A much more iconic number to aim for"

Next month rather than next year.