Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I Blame Kerry Katona

Iceland is on the verge of going bust. If only they had stipulated in Kerry Katona's contract that she must buy all her family's food from them thenthey would be alright. Let's suppose she were to spend £2 per child per day on food, this would be £730 a year, multiply that by the number of kids and Iceland's $4 billion debt would be paid back in no time.


Mark Wadsworth said...

It serves them right for spending all that money on replacing their brilliant slogan "Mum's gone to Iceland" with the rather irritating "Because Mum's are heroes too*" and then changing it back to "Mum's gone to Iceland" again.


But apparently they've done a deal with Russia that the Russian Navy can use their supermarkets as bases, or something.

* You shouldn't start a sentence with "Because' and that should be "Because mum's are heroines too".

Ross said...

Is Vladimir Putin going to replace Kerry Katona as the new face of Iceland? New slogans might include:

"The Autocratic KGB Apparatchik has gone to Iceland"

"Because Russian dictators are heroes too"

Mark Wadsworth said...

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