Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Sun Says....

Over at Conservative Home they have the reactions of some of the newspapers to "Yachtgate", the Sun's editorial is worth quoting:

"The integrity of the BBC is coming under question for the way it has treated the case of the Russian billionaire and his British contacts. Hundreds of viewers are complaining of unbalanced reporting — and with good reason. According to its own internal memo, hundreds of listeners accused the Corporation of bias against the Tories — pointing out that the party received NO cash at all. And it’s strange that the BBC only went into overdrive on the story AFTER George Osborne’s name was linked to oligarch Oleg Deripaska. When just Labour’s Peter Mandelson was involved it boasts it resisted making much of any allegations. Strange, that. And reason enough for their own enquiry into left-wing bias."

The BBC cannot be reformed, it's institutional left wing bias is too deeply ingrained. The Conservatives should cut their bdget massively when they are next in office.


Bob Piper said...

And of course, the Murdoch press would be entirely indifferent and neutral in respect of the BBC. Lol.

Ross said...

I won't deny that the Sun have their own motives on this, but it doesn't change the fact that when the story was about Mandelson it was ignored but when it was about Osborne they went for wall to wall coverage.

Umbongo said...

1. The Sun doesn't have me prosecuted for not buying it
2. The Sun is not legally obliged to be impartial
3. Murdoch having a political agenda is not justification for the BBC to have one

John M Ward said...

The point about the BBC specifically is that it is funded from our taxes to be a public service broadcaster, and that is in its charter. This does not apply to any other outfit in the national (UK) market.

Whatever anyone might feel like doing about Murdoch or anyone else outside of the BBC, they are not in the same category. The BBC desperately needs to be reformed, in order to become valuable and trustworthy again; but its now deeply-ingrained Lefty bias has indeed made that virtually impossible, so it will have to go.

What a shame: but they have only themselves to blame. No-one else in the entire Universe put them in this situation.

Anonymous said...

Remarkably regional newspapers (other than the usual suspects) have picked up on this bbc bias.
One states at the end of its condemnation of the bbc - "Britain's public broadcasting service should use the language of the people, not the propaganda of their rulers".
In its arrogance the bbc is in denial on this and other bias issues.