Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What Credit Crunch?

Noted idiot Naomi Klein has been awarded £50000 of Warwick University's money for her book the Shock Doctrine. Klein's idea (if a brain fart like that can be characterised as such) is that evil neofree marketeteers have exploited catastrophes to advance their evil ideas:

The complexity of Naomi Klein's portrayal of the rise of disaster capitalism, The Shock Doctrine, has won its author the inaugural £50,000 Warwick prize for writing.


Chair of judges and author of "weird fiction" China Miéville praised The Shock Doctrine as a "brilliant, provocative, outstandingly written investigation into some of the great outrages of our time"
China Mieville is a former parliamentary candidate for the totalitarian Socialist Workers Party an explicitly Leninist organisation. What was Lenin's famous phrase for the conditions the communists needed to implement change? Oh yeah- "The worse, the better". Sounds a lot like an actual shock doctrine. Is Mieville projecting his views onto the capitalist running dogs?

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