Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Shot The Sheriff. (Well I Should Do).

Sheriff Robert McCreadie has made the headlines repeatedly in the last few months. He isn't exactly known for his harsh sentences:
  • Man with long criminal record assaults police officers who try to arrest him- No prison if he can find a job offer.
Not generally anyway but there is one sort of criminal offence so serious that the Sheriff feels the need to hand out serious prison time:

Peter Drummond, 26, took matters into his own hands when he barged into the home of John Nellies and berated him for dealing to his brother who was hooked on the drug.

He then snatched five bags of heroin and flushed them away.

But he was reported by one of Nellies' customers and jailed for two months after admitting breaching the peace.


But Sheriff Robert McCreadie, sitting at Perth Sheriff Court, ignored pleas for mercy.

"If you were concerned about matters you should contact the police, not enter a house and threaten to kill someone," he said, "You can't take matters into your own hands the way you did."

Is this Robert McCreadie on the heroin dealer's payroll or something? How can he possibly think this is justified?

See also HP post on the same subject.

Update: I suppose I should add that I don't actually think he is on the take. That was merely a rhetorical flourish. Anyway in the above link 'Gregg' links to another of Sheriff McCreadie's exploits:

A BUNGLING sheriff halted court proceedings after he hit the wrong button on his laptop and deleted details of the case he was dealing with.

Sheriff Robert McCreadie abruptly stopped a solicitor as she gave her client's plea and left the bench without any explanation.

After several minutes, he came back into court and said his typing error meant he had erased everything that lawyer Rosie Scott had told him about defendant David Dutchyn.

But instead of apologising, Sheriff McCreadie blamed Ms Scott for talking too fast.

This man is unreal. Also he previously jailed someone for singing the "Spider-pig" song from the Simpsons. To quote 'Idiocracy'- "Justice was not only blind but had become rather retarded as well".

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lesley brown said...

I happen to be the "customer" and whilst I see that it might have been unfair to Peter to jail him and I have apologised to him. I was there, you weren't, what was not mentioned in court was the weapon that Peter had and that he had also brandished it at me and barred my exit,when I tried to leave the building and there was a physically disabled female inside Mr Nellies home!
As for Sheriff McCreadie, as you pointed out he is not in fact on anyone's payroll and despite the fact that I and others I know have appeared in front of him he strikes me as a man who in fact knows what he is talking about unlike the author of this article!!