Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Quote Of The Day.

ITV aired "Law & Order: UK" last night. I didn't watch it because the original Law & Order isn't my cup of tea* (it really is very politically correct) but I did like this comment about the show on the Guardian's culture blog by "Readie":
As a big "Battlestar Galactica" fan, ridiculous levels of loyalty to BSG cast members meant I taped (but have not yet watched) last night's episode. I fear, however, that I'll spend the entire hour distracted by the latest turn in Jamie Bamber's career path - from acting opposite Oscar-nominees Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell... to acting opposite former "Wheel of Fortune" host Bradley Walsh. I can't help but feel depressed on his behalf.
Yes that's a big comedown.

* The best US crime shows are 'The Wire' and 'The Shield' but they would really suck if subjected to a British spin off, because they aren't formulaic enough to simply be transferred into several dozen settings. Not that formulaic crime shows are necessarily bad, some like the original CSI or Without a Trace are quite good but they always say more about television than about the real world.


JuliaM said...

Never seen 'The Wire', but loved 'The Shield'.

Last night's 'Law & Order: Dahn London Tahn' was ok actually. Bamber and Walsh made quite a good cop duo.

In fact, it only dragged when the action switched to the CPS, and Patrick Malahide was obviously lacking a black cape, top hat and handlebar moustache to twirl...

And every time someone said og the mother 'Oh, she wasn't to blame...' I found myself yelling 'Yes she was!'.

Ross said...

Was anyone in the CPS portrayed as competent or was it realistic?

"Never seen 'The Wire', but loved 'The Shield'. "

It's worth seeing it takes a couple of episodes to get into but after that it's addictive. Also I read somewhere that St Barack has said that it is his favourite programme too, so that's a redeeming feature for him.

If you have FX, then they are currently reshowing the 1st season of 'The Wire' starting this Monday.

Ross said...

The first episode is still available at their website btw.

JuliaM said...

Oooh, I'll check that out.

ChrisM said...

I started watching Series 1 of the Shield a couple of weeks back, and am now half way through season 7. I have to concur, quite simply the best show I have seen in a long time. I've just ordered the first season of The Wire so hoping that is of similar calibre.

The best of US tv leaves the best of UK tv for dust.

Ross said...

"I started watching Series 1 of the Shield a couple of weeks back, and am now half way through season 7."

Where are you watching season 7? I was watching on YouTube recently but the lawyers have been busy deleting it so I haven't seen the final three episodes yet.

ChrisM said...

Oooops, loose lips sink ships ;-).

I think 5 US is showing it at the moment. I am pretty sure some other UK channel has just finished airing it last week too.
Got an email address?

Ross said...

My blog address is blogophile@aol.com

Ross said...

"I think 5 US is showing it at the moment. "

I've just checked out their site, and it's obvious that the person who writes the promotional blurb has never actually watched the show.

"If you like your cops crooked and your car chases gritty, brace yourself: the Strike Team is back in town. Set in LA’s fictional “Farm” neighbourhood, The Shield follows an experimental police squad in their quest to maintain peace on the mean streets."

What car chases? And a "quest to maintain peace" is a bit of a strtech seeing as one of the main storylines in season 7 is them initiating a gang war between the Mexicans and Armenians.

Umbongo said...


For my money, the only way to watch "The Wire" is on DVD with subtitles activated - and at a rate of one episode/day - just superb!

Ross said...

"For my money, the only way to watch "The Wire" is on DVD with subtitles activated"

That is how I've been watching it for the last couple of months. The slang can sometimes make it tricky to follow what is being said.

Not one episode per day though because I've been renting the boxsets.