Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Murder He Wrote

If Nick Ross had done this then he wouldn't have been dropped from Crimewatch:

Wallace Souza raised suspicions because of his uncanny knack to be first at the scene of a crime, gathering graphic footage of the victims.

The TV host is thought to have commissioned at least five murders to boost his show's popularity and prove his claim that Brazil's Amazon region is awash in violent crime.

Souza, who is also a state lawmaker, has been accused of drug trafficking too, amid a police probe into the murders.

If constantly being on the scene first when murders are committed is fairly clear grounds for suspicion then how come Jessica Fletcher was never arrested during her long reign of terror in Cabot Cove?


James Higham said...

Or the FBI at Watergate.

Ross said...

Especially now that we know that 'Deep Throat' was the FBI man Mark Felt.