Monday, August 17, 2009

Source Poll Results.

The results into my poll as to the identity of the exclusive source of New Statesman columnist James Macintyre who repeatedly discovers the Barack Obama has identical views on the minutiae of British Politics to James Macintyre, although never lets it slip to anyone other than James Macintyre's source.

The results are:
Joe Biden- 10%
Fuzzy Dunlop- 5%
Mark Felt (Deep Throat)- 5%
Macintyre subscribes to his own column and mistakes that for a source- 30%
Michelle Obama- 15%
Damian McBride doing an American accent- 20%
Heinze Ketchup- 15%
So the verdict is in, James Macintyre's exclusive source is James Macintyre and you really can't get more exclusive than that!


John M Ward said...

The poll has probably come to the correct conclusion, I suspect!

Anyway, The X-Files' "Deep Throat" was played by the versatile actor Jerry Hardin, who also played Mark Twain in the ST: Next Generation two-parter "Time's Arrow".

I just knew you'd want to know that early on a Monday morning…

James Higham said...

Well, that's pretty clear then.