Sunday, August 09, 2009

'Source' Poll

My awe for James Macintyre and his amazing sources is so great that I think that it's time for a poll to determine how the New Statesman's political editor gets scoops about the US President's opinions that have escaped the notice of all American observers and coincidentally happen to align themselves neatly with whatever Macintyre has been writing about in the weeks leading up to his scoop.

Who is James Macintyre's source who repeatedly reveals that Obama has strong opinions about minor British political stories which invariably coincide with whatever James Macintyre has been writing about?

Joe Biden
Fuzzy Dunlop
Mark Felt (aka 'Deep Throat')
Macintyre subscribes to his own columns by email but has mistaken this for the views of his American friend.
Michelle Obama
Damian McBride doing an American accent
Heinz Ketchup

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