Sunday, August 01, 2010

Britain & Israel.

Israeli president Shimon Peres claims that the English are antisemitic and 'always work against Israel'. The ironic thing is that Shimon Peres was quite deeply involved in the Suez crisis where the UK went quite far in working on Israel's side. Britain and the Jewish people should be friends anyway, united as we are by the undying hostility of Mel Gibson.

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Mark said...

Peres almost certainly remembers that, as far as Suez was concerned, we were the johnny-come-latelys in what was, originally, a plan cooked up by the French, with Israeli assistance. Eden was certainly keen as soon as he heard plans were afoot to biff Nasser, but Foreign Sec Selwyn Lloyd had perpetually cold feet over the affair.

Post Suez we then dropped Israel like a hot coal, but the French maintained a very close working relationship with them which lasted up until the 6 day war in 1967 (in which the French built Mirages were a decisive factor in Israel's 'blitzkrieg' against Nasser's Egypt.)

I'm not sure where the quote originates, but Selwyn Lloyd, at the time of the Sevre accords ( which confirmed our role in the Suez fiasco) was once described as acting with all the decisiveness you'd expect from a bishop on the threshold of a knocking shop !