Monday, August 02, 2010

I Have A Dream!

My dream was quite macabre though, in it somebody had left a bear tied up in the street and everyone was avoiding it. All except this delightfully friendly Afghan hound who wanted to be best friends with the bear and started licking its face. At this point I couldn't watch so I walked away knowing full well what was about to happen, something which was confirmed when the Afghan started yelping in fear as the bear turned on it.

So what does my dream mean? Am I frightened that somebody I know is getting too close to something dangerous? Is a bear just a bear? Do I secretly want to sleep with close relatives?


JuliaM said...

All dreams seem to come down to something sexual, don't they? So you either have a secret desire for bears, or Afghans.

Edwin Greenwood said...

It means that when the US finally withdraws its troops, the Russians will invade Kabul.

Contact the CIA straightaway Ross. You know it's your duty to do so.

Ross said...

"So you either have a secret desire for bears, or Afghans."

It's not really secret since I was caught at the kennels.

Edwin- You're right it's a prophecy!

Brian, follower of Deornoth said...

It means you are not fond of Afghans. Like most people who aren't Afghans, and the vast majority of those who are.

Daphne said...

Hell if I know what it means, but it sure made me laugh out loud, Ross.