Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Jew On The Loose At Comment Is Free.

So what is the response of CiF readers to a post by Maureen Lipman about nothing particularly contraversial or interesting. Why a torrent of antisemitic abuse:

She appears to be a Jewish supremacist. -Says Letigre.
I'm suprised she didn't have a spare brown shirt to put on. -Resistor opines (Resistor may be familiar to anyone who read the comments at Harry's Place as quite possibly the stupidest man alive)
Here is Lipman whinging about anti-semitism. - says InDisguise.

They appear to have already deleted some comments, so these are probably amoung the saner ones!

From what I can tell the hate campaign against Maureen Lipman has started because she suggested that people who send their children off to be suicide bombers don't value life very highly. To any sane person this might seem like a contender for a "Stating the Bloody Obvious" award but for the rancid, totalitarian and anti-semitic kooks out there it is evidence of racism.


Serf said...

She is so diisapproving of alternative styles of parenthood. No wonder they attacked her. :)

Ross said...

Also they are probably scared by her recent appearance on Dr Who.

Anonymous said...

her guardian column is the worst bit of egotisical bollox i've ever had the misfortune to read. Screw her zionism---she should be strung up for that awful 'ology' ad.

overated, mediocre actress- who should hurry up and die already.

nationa treasure--my arse!