Thursday, August 28, 2008

Claim To Lame & Other Local Snippets.

In my local newspaper today, page two was devoted to a contestant from the reality show "Shipwrecked" having a photoshoot to plug a local business. That's not even a Big Brother level reality TV star! Can anyone spot a more minor "celebrity" in a news item?

In the same newspaper there is a more interesting story about a local museum which has an exhibit about Charles Darwin and the theory his most famous theory. Someone complained about the accompanying signs explaining the theory, and so the council decided to blank out the "offensive" paragraph so as to to upset the unnamed religious fundamentalist who lodged the complaint.

It is only a minor story in itself but it is symptomatic of a wider trend.


Anonymous said...

Bah, they used the dreaded 'grocer's apostrophe'. They should have been horsewhipped for that... ;)

But why, oh why, would a museum of all places feel the need to cave in to a religious nutcase?

Anonymous said...

Mind you, it could be worse....