Saturday, June 27, 2009


Can it really be a coincidence that the government has decided to abandon the national numeracy strategy in primary schools comes at the same time as it tries to convince the electorate that projected 2.3% year on year cuts amounts to a rise in public spending?

Will they now be taught Brownematics:
Q1. If Timmy has ten apples but gives two of them to Tommy then how much has his supply of apples been reduced?

A) 10%
B) 20%
C) Timmy's apple supply has continued to rise under a Labour government, he had 10 apples now he has 8 apples, this makes a total of 18 apples or an 80% increase.

Q2. Andy and Belinda both get £5 pocket money a week. Belinda gets a 10% rise whereas Andy gets a £1 a week pay rise. How much pocket money does Belinda now get?

A) £10
B) 50p
C) After 10 weeks Belinda will receive £55, compared to Andy's £60, this represents a cut of £5. Therefore Belinda's pocket money has been cut by 100% under a Tory government.
Full marks if you guessed C both times.


James Higham said...

Excellent, Ross.

Anonymous said...

Surely the Socialist way is to remind us that the 5-year plan called for Timmy to have 7 apples today. Therefore the target has been exceeded by 1 apple. If necessary write the target after the due date.

Ross said...

Yes and then shoot him for being a kulak acquiring too many apples.