Thursday, June 04, 2009

Vote Labour!

I've just voted. The most rational choice would have been Labour, as it would encourage the party to stick with the great leader but I didn't do that. There is a real possibility that they could end up with a moderately effective leader now.

Given that the last round of disastrous polls for Labour were taken before Hazel Blears stuck the knife into Gordon Brown's back ankle yesterday I suspect that they will do even worse than the worst polls and finish in 4th place.

My prediction is:

Conservative: 21 seats
UKIP: 15
Lib Dem: 14
Labour: 12
Green: 5
SNP: 2
Sinn Fein: 1
DUP: 1
TUV: 1


Obnoxio The Clown said...

"Hazel Blears stuck the knife into Gordon Brown's ankle"

Not quite.

Ross said...

I sure he put that in himself.

Anonymous said...

TUV with one seat?!

You must be joking. Yes, Allister will take a lot of votes from the DUP - but that can only result in one of two things:

1. The SDLP sneak in and make it 2 nationalist seats
2. Nothing changes and the DUP and UCUNF hold their seats - albeit with a massively reduced vote.

Ross said...

Well the result is in now, and Allistair didn't take the third seat but he ran the DUP pretty close.

"1. The SDLP sneak in and make it 2 nationalist seats".

If Northern Ireland used the same system as Westminster then this would have ben possible, but under STV I think it is practically impossible for a second nationalist candidate to win.