Sunday, June 20, 2010

Alcohol Puritans

Any hopes that this government might be less puritanical than the last one seems unfounded:

Officials are looking at changing the wording on licence applications so that pubs and clubs wanting to extend their hours will have to prove after-hours drinking offers a tangible "benefit" to the local community.

If they didn't provide a tangible benefit then presumably people wouldn't be willing to spend money in return for goods and services from them. This is just a way of empowering busybodies to shut down pubs, if certain establishments have a problems with alcohol related violence then deal with them individually.


Matthew said...

Also less centralising - surely this is something that should be within th remit of local authorities*?

* I'm aware that would mean more puritanicalism in many areas.

Senior said...

The government should focus on the people who cause harm to others or damage to property while drunk. If those individuals were punished more severely, there would be evident benefits to local communities all over the land.