Saturday, October 02, 2010

The Thin Blue Picket Line

The problem with electing a left wing extremist as leader of the party is that they will inevitably use their power to enable bolshie unions play havoc with the countr.

Which is why it is no surprise that David Cameron's government are considering whether to allow the police to go on strike.

How can that possibly work, the whole point about the emergency services is that they need to be available in an emergency- are we really going town centre's on Friday night to become free for all zones because the police aren't happy with their doughnut allowances? Who would police a picket line of striking police officers?


JuliaM said...

Let the Army loose on the streets! I guarantee the drunken chav problem will disappear...

Chuckles said...

Since the police supposedly exercise powers devolved to them by them by the people, those powers would revert, and it would be up to the greater citizenry to 'maintain the peace and good order.'
I would imagine the implementation and effect would be similar to that envisaged by JuliaM above.