Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Replacing Cameron

Sooooo if David Cameron is engulfed by the Murdocalypse and forced to quit (which is unlikely but I think a regular cabinet minister would have already quit by now) who is likely to replace him? The way I see it, the race would be very different to the last few contests because of the coalition. 

In a purely Conservative government William Hague and Liam Fox would be best placed, but it would be difficult for the Liberal Democrats to remain in a coalition headed by either man, because they are seen as too right wing. On the other hand Cameron loyalists like Osbourne will be tainted if Cameron had been forced out in controversy.

So the likely successor has to be seen as being- not too conservative, not tainted by Cameron and not responsible for any major screw ups in government.

Whilst that leaves some decent candidates- David Davis, Phil Hammond- I have a horrible feeling that this means the most likely next PM is either Ken Clarke or Theresa May.


Mr. Jolly said...

I think you are missing the (blonde) 600-pound gorilla in the room. 'Not too conservative' - check, 'not tainted by Cameron' - check, 'not responsible for any major screw ups in government' - check. Currently holds down a major political post, without screwing it up too badly in the publics eye. Personable, un-threatening, has a persona that the public find acceptable, adds greatly to the gaiety of the nation. It's only a matter of time you know...

Ross said...

Boris- good call except for him not being an MP which would mean someone would have to be an interim PM.