Friday, July 08, 2011

Web Security

Is it worrying that when using a public computer that I've previously used before, my log in details are saved from the last time I used it?


Senior said...

After using public computers, you should clear your internet history, which will include any log-in details you have entered to gain access to websites.

Peter Risdon said...


There's often a 'remember me' checkbox on login pages, though this should be set to default to 'no' it isn't always.

Michael Fowke said...

The problem is that some public computers don't allow you to delete the history.

Ross said...

Michael- that's why this time I tried filling new details in before I left.

Senior/Peter- You're right, I thought I'd done that but can't be sure.

PJH said...

"is it worrying"

Yes. Very.

I had a similar conversation with the bloke who admins the PC's at the pub-with-internet-access that I use (and where this is posted from.)

They got it sorted in the end.