Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bush Hated,/Liked.

Over at Comment is Worthless, Sydney Blumenthal writes that
Congress Republicans are steering clear of Bush as they struggle to hold their seats in midterm polls

So if Bu$Hitler is so unpopular how come Democrats are so keen to be associated with him:
The Nebraska Democratic Party has introduced a new television commercial that highlights Senator Ben Nelson’s long record of independence. The advertisement notes that even Republican President George W. Bush agrees that Ben Nelson puts the best interests of the American people ahead of partisanship.

It is almost as if the Guardian have chosen to titilate their readers by employing a comically partisan democrat lickspittle to produce 'Bush is doomed!!!" screeds.

Comment is Worthless doesn't blame Dumbya for everything though, somethings are Reagan's fault, as Mark Ames informs us:
These workplace rampages, in which an employee blasts his coworkers, are now a regular feature of American life, yet they are still grossly misunderstood and oddly ignored......
...What changed in the US workplace isn't a sudden influx of guns on the market, or an influx of psychos in the workplace, but rather the most obvious and powerful cultural force of all: Reaganomics.

Update: I've just read the comments to Ames's piece and discovered that the man responsible for the massacre was a recent convert to a new religion. Can anyone possibly guess which one?

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