Friday, June 16, 2006

Too Unruly For Prison? Let Em Out!

With all the furore about leniant sentences this week a self serving claim has cropped up regarding the granting of parole to life prisoners. John Mortimer made the argument on The Week and someone called Mark Leech from an ex prisoners organisation Unlock made a similar point on the Jeremy Vine programme this wednesday, to quote Mr Leech:

The only way our prisons can maintain order, security, discipline and control is to give prisoners the opportunity of early release.
The sort of people who will be too dangerous for a prison if they don't have the incentives they wish, it is hardly safe to unleah them on the general public. It's as though bomb disposal experts decided that their job would be made safer if they let the public handle the trickier devices.


DumbJon said...

Personally, I'm just hoping that in the far distant future, we may yet see an interviwer preface an interview with dearest Mark by actually teling us why he was sent down so often. And, yes, there may yet come a day when we hear an interview with one of his victims. Just don't hold your breath.

Ross F said...

The tttle of his autobiography makes it clear that his imprisonment was everyone's fault but his:
"A Product of the System"