Thursday, June 08, 2006

Iraqi Minuteman Butchered By US Death Squads.

Iraq's leading minuteman Musab al-Zarqawi was murdered by Bu$Hitler's minions today. As I'm too caught up in grief to adquetely respond to this I will let the wise people from the BBC's 'Have Your Say' mouth the cliches for me.

Bush and Blair should be ashamed.

Mr Al-Zarqawi may not have been a particularly nice person, but to parade the person of a recently murdered man is shocking and will fuel the insurgency even more.

Kevin Miller, Warrington, United Kingdom

I find it rather stomach-turning to see supposed Christians like George Bush gloating over the death of al Zarqawi. What is there to celebrate in death, murder and violence?

Matty LL, Blue Mountain Peak

Lest we forget, if it were not for George W. Bush there would never have been an Al-Zarqawi.

Henry, Montreal

November is coming,Massacres in Iraq being uncovered,Bush is desperate today Zarqawi.October is reserved exclusively for Bin Laden.

Mike Bustani, Toronto, Canada

? I'm sure the US find new reasons, and a new bogeyman, to justify pacifying the legal and legitimate national popular resistance

Ian Douglas, Cairo, Egypt

Does'nt this action by the coilition forces violate his human rights?

tony, surrey

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