Sunday, June 25, 2006

King Of Chutzpah.

I've never been overly impressed by Newspapers which view exposing classified security information as "speaking truth to power" regardless of the necessity for confidentiality that may pertain to areas such as counter terrorism. Therefore I yield to no one in my contempt for the New York Times's decision to offer a helping hand to terrorists by exposing a financial tracking program.

However the noisiest of the New York Times's critics in this matter is far more intricately connected to terrorism:
WASHINGTON -- The chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee urged the Bush administration Sunday to seek criminal charges against The New York Times for reporting on a secret financial-monitoring program used to trace terrorists.

Rep. Peter King blasted the newspaper's decision last week to report that the Treasury Department was working with the CIA to examine messages within a massive international database of money-transfer records.

Peter King may be best known as the IRA's ambassador to the United States. Robert Novak gives a brief summary of his shilling for terrorists:

Rep. Peter King of New York, named by Republican leaders to become the House Homeland Security Committee's chairman, was not pressed to explain two decades of support for the terrorist Irish Republican Army and association with the left-wing Sinn Fein, the IRA's political arm.

King is the only member of Congress in at least five years to travel at Sinn Fein's expense, taking such trips to Ireland in 2000 and 2001. King's pro-IRA posture goes back to 1986. President Reagan declared that Irish Americans condemn the IRA, and King responded: "When Reagan went to Ireland, he might have spoken for some Irish Americans. But he didn't speak for me."
The fact that this evil man who supports the murder and torture of women and children, who is on the payroll of a terrorist organisation has the gall to condemn anyone for not being sufficiently committed to defeating terrorism is breathtaking. Say what you like about the New York Times but they aren't actually having a direct debit from Al Quaeda like this corrupt terrorist.

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