Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Word Hijacked.

I can remember when 'gay' used to mean homosexual but since then it appears that the word has been hijacked by heterosexuals to mean rubbish:

The BBC thinks it's OK that Chris Moyles described a ringtone as 'gay' while on air. But is it really acceptable that the word has come to mean 'rubbish' - and should a Radio 1 DJ be joining in?

Am I the only person who finds the word 'acceptable' slightly creepy in modern Guardian speak? Later in the article the writer says:
In fact, in case Moyles is still unaware of this, the casual use of "gay" - when used other than to accurately describe homosexual men and women - is cruel and derogatory.
It looks like we are going to have to embark on a wholesale book burning of thousands of books published before the 1970s.


Sian said...

I bring your attention to this post in Slashdot and the ensuing argument of the pun of Whales vs Wales. I'm Welsh but that's bonkers.

I'm currently write about on my website. I can't remember any complaints about previous "Welsh" Pot Noodles adverts.

Ross F said...

Great find.