Saturday, November 24, 2007

Britain Sued For $1 900 000 000 000.

Oh dear it appears that Britain is being sued. An ethnic Indian lawyer Waytha Moorthy Ponnusamy from Malaysia is claiming that the crown was negligent at the time of Malaysian independence by failing to install safeguards against ethnic discrimination so he wants £1.9 million billion Trillion!

Obviously it is going to get kicked out of court fairly swiftly, but that doesn't matter so much because I doubt that even Mr Ponnusamy actually intends to get any money from this. He is using the court system to widen the general awareness internationally of the racial discrimination against the ethnic Indians and Chinese in Malaysia that is enshrined in various 'affirmative action' programmes that the country has pursued.

I'm not generally in favour of using the legal system to make political statements, but seeing as our judiciary don't seem to feel the same it seems churlish to begrudge this lawyer his fifteen minutes of fame because if his case receives wide publicity it could drill a fairly straightforward concept into the little minds of Britain's bureaucratic elite "You cannot discriminate, in favour of one ethnic group without discriminating against other ethnic groups". It does not matter whether it is called positive discrimination, affirmative action, enhancing diversity or any other euphemism, discriminating on the grounds of race invariably harms people unfairly.

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James Higham said...

The lengths they go, the PC left, to disguise their discrimination - you're correct.

Positive discrimination, affimative action - slice them or dice them, they're still the same sausages.