Saturday, May 17, 2008

Luvvie Scum.

Some idiot has made a film glorifying an IRA hunger striker, because obviously the first 465 IRA apologist movies weren't enough. The deeply stupid producer Leni Jan Younghusband pompously declares:
"We think it is an awful situation in Guantanamo but we had exactly the same situation here. Let's remember we were doing this before Guantanamo. The film asks so many questions, including, 'What is the point of this kind of incarceration?'."
Yeah what is the point of incarcerating a member of a death squad who had been caught possessing weapons, I can't think. Even if you take the risible claims of the terrorists themselves, then the greatest indignity they suffered was being treated as what they were, criminals. Now personally I suspect much of the complaints about Guantanamo Bay are hyped up, but I doubt that Younghusband is making that point. Not intentionally anyway.

Naturally this piece of propaganda for a member of a fascistic terrorist group is being funded by Britain (the publicly owned Channel 4), does any other country do this?

There is an especially self loathing side to a large part of the British establishment, they despise this country and glorify it's enemies (yet are all too willing to suck up subsidies, greed outweighs the self loathing). It is probably a form of projection, they hate us because they hate themselves, but couldn't they learn from Max Moseley about how to channel those feelings in private instead of making a very unedifying spectacle of themselves in public?

{ Via David Vance at ATW, who is as unimpressed as I am}

Update: In the comments 'db' points out that the film is being promoted by the British Council.


James Higham said...

I'm less extreme in my feelings on this but was involved in calming hysterical children after their little stint at Canary wharf and one of our teachers from Dublin then said the English had brought it on themselves. I wondered about his brain at that point.

Ross said...

"I'm less extreme in my feelings"

How is even possible to be less extreme than I, the very personification of reasonableness?

Anonymous said...

The British Council and the EU are helping another of Hunger's producers promote this film. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the UK Film Council has thrown some lottery money at it too

Ross said...

Db, thanks for that information.

I suppose when you consider the sort of people who run the British Council, the likes of Neil Kinnock and Helena Kennedy it shouldn't be a surprise.

Fidothedog said...

Well at least the film had a happy ending.