Friday, December 05, 2008

And The Winner Is....

The people who voted in my poll of the most dangerous terrorist threat concluded that radical Islamists were the most dangerous. The full results are as follows:

Which one of these poses the greatest terrorist threat?

Damian Green: 0
Iceland: 4
People who don't recycle: 4
Radical Islamists: 14
Walter Wolfgang: 3
In fairness I should probably admit that I voted for Iceland 3 times. Those Vikings haven't fooled me or our illustrious Prime Minister.


Anonymous said...

Wait till you see how the moderate Moslems and their friends [including me] voted...

It still haven't figured out how to reliably add a link in blogger comments so I unashamedly advertise my own poll-ish posing as my url below.

Ross said...

I find that the easiest way of adding a link is to initially write it up in your own blog, add the link, then switch from the compose mode to the HTML mode and cut and paste it.