Friday, December 05, 2008

Bea-ing Ridiculous. (Updated)

If there is one characteristic that I particularly envy among professional columnists is their uncanny judge of character, honest. After the conviction of Karen Matthews for the abduction of her daughter Shannon it seems like a good time to revisit Bea Campbell's class war column on the subject from earlier this year:
Karen Matthews has acted appropriately throughout: she was waiting for Shannon at home; she contacted the police as soon as she had exhausted all the obvious locations.
Apart from with the bloke she gave her to.
And yet, our eye is drawn to her poverty, numbers of partners, cans of lager going into her household. Everything about Ms Matthews' life has been up for scrutiny.
This appears to have been quite astute.
Karen Matthews has been subjected to a Today programme interrogation that appeared to position the mother as the perpetrator: Sarah Montague asked her seven times about her lifestyle. Her patronising preoccupation was how many men there have been in her life, not her judgment about them. Has any other, apparently blameless mother been so sweetly assailed?
Sarah Montague 1, Bea Campbell 0.
{the McCann's} resources - money, looks, religion, organisation, focus (all a function of class) - were all mobilised to protect them and to obscure the question of culpability. It was the McCann's photo-opportunity with the Pope that eventually exposed the campaign to criticism as inappropriate, not to say unseemly.
No one thought Karen Matthews had abducted or killed her daughter - and yet she has been judged. Some commentators think they can say anything they like about this woman and even to her. She has spoken with reticent dignity, yet her class makes her available for blame.
Nope her obvious unsuitability as a parent appalled most people, who kept their silence because of the awful situation they believed that she was in.

Update: Most spectacular volte face ever? (Via Marcus at Harry's Place and Julia)


Anonymous said...

Campbell's clearly got other fish to fry now - she's currently got a 400+ comment post on CiF about how lapdancing clubs incite violence to women..

You truly couldn't make it up!

Ross said...

I saw that and particularly appreciated the large amounts of evidence she gave to support her assertion, which I reproduce below:

" "

Anonymous said...

I may be wrong but I think that gorgeous pouting Bea was also very keen on satanic abuse back in the day.

And whats become of that?

Anonymous said...

Check it out! Even 'Harry's Place' has had enough of the woman's blatent weathervaning:

Ross said...

Julia, I've just seen it, it's brilliant isn't it?

Ross said...

Anonymous at 2:35, you are right about that. See here for details: