Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Pirates: Environmental Heroes.

According to the Guardian, in an editorial about the pirate situation:

Shipping has become an almost invisible industry, the silent motor of global trade, but its consequences are not all benign. Big ships burn dirty fuel and are not subject to any form of carbon emissions regulation, and pump out polluted ballast water, soiling seas. Now the industry needs assistance. But its behaviour should change too.

How did they get from pirates to global warming? I have no idea.


Mark Wadsworth said...

They're not pirates, they are eco-warriors!

Leg-iron said...

Hooray for Greenbeard the pirate!

His ship has sails to harness wind power and he captures the evil oil-burning ships so they can't emit anything unpleasant.

Now he's going to bury that black gold in the ground, where its carbon will rest forever undisturbed.

He'd be lauded by the beard-on-a-stick people forever, if only he didn't smoke and drink rum, and his waist was the right size and he was a different gender but still fancied women and his skin was darker and he took up a religion - but not that one - and he released his parrot or better still set up a parrot sanctuary... but other than that, he's the Green Hero!

If the pirates came to court in the UK, and claimed they hijacked a tanker to save the environment, I bet they'd get off scot free.

And the tanker crew would go to jail...

Letters From A Tory said...

Anyone who destroys the environment is a pirate who is robbing this planet of its future, according to the Guardian.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Re what Leg-iron says, in the light of the Kingsnorth Six verdict, he might not be far off the mark.