Sunday, June 12, 2011

Another Politician

Rowan Williams is quite entitled to attack the government just as much as anyone else is. What he has to realise though is that if he wants to get into politics he should not be treated differently to any other pundit and should expect to be subjected to the same kind of criticism and support as Polly Toynbee, Richard Littlejohn or Peter Hitchens receive.

He should expect to receive no deference or respect on the basis of who he is or to use the moral authority the C of E has earned over the years through running schools, conducting funerals for all parishioners and not systematically abusing children as a shield against the backlash he has provoked.

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Senior said...

As Rowan Williams accused the government of implementing policies nobody voted for, he should show that he is not a hypocrite by getting the Church of England bishops in the House of Lords to stand down and contest elections for the seats they occupied, and not just against candidates from the Church of England.