Saturday, June 18, 2011

Onwards To Defeat

Dave Prentis, general secretary of Unison, issued the warning as angry unions threatened to walk away from talks over plans to pay more for reduced entitlements.
He told the Guardian newspaper: "It will be the biggest since the general strike. It won't be the miners' strike. We are going to win."
Er does Dave Prentis realise that the General Strike was a monumental defeat for the unions?

Anyway I'm still hoping that they go on strike one day a week for the next year in order to cut the deficit.


James Higham said...

We're headed for entertaining times.

Laban said...

Ann Scargill told me in 1984 the miners would win, when I visited NUM HQ with a donation in 1984.

There's no doubt that pension entitlements have been slashed since 1997 - in the private sector.

I appreciate that the proposal to do the same for the public sector is another step in the reproletarianisation of the UK.

But it seems a tad unfair to expect the poor private sector worker, with his lowly defined contribution scheme, to pay taxes (on threat of imprisonment) so that his public sector counterpart can continue to enjoy index linked final salary heaven.