Thursday, June 02, 2011

Posting Even Lighter Than Usual

I haven't posted since Monday and probably won't again until next weekend.

This is because I'm not in the mood because I am having to have my dog put down next week. He's been ill for a couple of months but until last weekend I thought he would recover.

I suppose if you don't have a dog it is hard to understand why anyone would be so upset ( that isn't an insult or a judgement just a statement of fact) and if you do there isn't much need to explain.


Peter Risdon said...

Very sorry, Ross.

I do own dogs. It was a year after my last one died before I could write anything about it.

JuliaM said...

No, there's certainly no need to explain. Kipling had it right again.

Sorry to hear this... :(

The Filthy Engineer said...

I haven't a dog. But I've had many pets put down and it hurts every time.

Edwin Greenwood said...

We've never kept dogs as it goes. No particular reason, just that we've traditionally been a "cat family".

But bringing an end to the pain of an intelligent and affectionate animal friend who has shared your home and your life for a dozen years or more is never going to be easy, whatever the species.

And it always turns out to be my job to organize, for some reason.

Best wishes, mate.

Laban said...

Sorry to hear that, Ross.

It's only when you have one (we got our first ever a couple of years ago) that you discover how they wrap themselves round your heart. As Julia says, Kipling was spot on.

Ross said...

Thanks everyone, I do appreciate it.

Paul H said...

The way we love our dogs to the very end says so much about the incredible relationship that dogs offer us humans. Hold the love you and your dog share in your heart for ever!